Looking Forward

My Lord, I am so damn lucky. I don’t revel in that fact enough, I think. I have so much to look forward to in the coming months, and for that, I am infinitely blessed. I find out where I will be next semester in less than a week. I will either be in Flagstaff, AZ at NAU, New Orleans, LA at UNO, or 20 miles out of NYC at William Paterson University. How crazy is that? I can’t wait for this new experience, wherever it may be. I really need it. I feel so cooped up and restricted here, even though I do firmly believe that you create your experience wherever you are. It will just be nice to have a change of scenery and new things to discover everyday. Then, just three days after finding out the news that will basically shape how I spend the coming months, I will be on a plane to Montreal! Not the typical tropical spring break destination, which I definitely appreciate. I’ve never been the lounge-on-the-beach-in-my-tiny-bikini-and-over-sunglasses kinda girl. I’m more of the get-out-and-explore-everything-this-new-city-has-to-offer kinda girl, enjoying the hole in the wall cafes or nature hikes. I’ll be leaving with one of my close friends to go visit one of our closest friends at her college there. I haven’t seen her in around three months, which doesn’t sound like much, but any time spent is a treasure to be valued. My travel companion will only be staying three days, while i’ll be staying five, so it will be nice to have some alone time with my other friend, as well. I know I will love the city, and I can’t wait to explore everything. Between the little cafes and the farmers market, to the beauty of the city and the locals, there will be a lot to take in. I feel like it will definitely be an experience to remember, and well worth the pretty penny I spent to get there. I believe in spending money on experience, not material, which is a handy quality to have when I posess an insatiable taste for travel and new experiences. I’m sure i’ll heavily document my experience on here, but not until I get back from my trip. I’m going unplugged, except for tunes for the plane ride. Why the hell would I need a phone or laptop to waste precious time on when i’m in a vast and new city? If I have free time with nothing to do, which is unlikely, i’ll just stick my nose in a book. I hate the growing dependence on technology. I never had a smart phone until a few weeks ago, and I see myself mindlessly checking Instagram or Facebook way too often. There are so many better things to do, and I see myself glued to a screen WAY too much lately. I am beyond ready to revert back to my ways of sticking my nose in a book, getting lost in a world with so much more substance than the alternate reality of food bloggers and mindless quizzes. While enjoyable, I really should be spending my precious time on more valuable escapades. Well, that took a turn for the preachy…i’ll stop now. Anyways, this is going to be an exciting next two weeks, and I am so ready for it!