Bitter wind nips at my raw skin.

I wonder, what was it that I did?

But then the vengeful gusts

paused for a few sweet moments.

Is that the sweet scent of summer

creeping its way over?

Or is it just the possibility of

something past the icy storm?



No Small Price

I hear you before

I see you.

Startling, yet comforting,

you shine luminescent

like the barely functioning headlights

of your beaten up car,

exhausted from incessant use.

My heart felt like this, too,


The valves were tattered around

the coils from prior abuse.

Like a mechanic,

you revived all my compromised parts.

These services were delivered

free of charge.

Thinking nothing of it until


I pressed my clammy palms

upon my restless heart.

Good as new only


it belongs to you.


Inhale, exhale

droopy eyes as evidence 

of last night’s failures

Inhale, exhale

smudged glasses resulting

from an unwillingness to see clearly

Inhale, exhale

blemished canvases because of

refusal to be wiped clean

Inhale, exhale

untied shoelaces because

who gives a fuck

Let the imperfections

become who you are

Let the messy tresses, chipped nail polish, 

unshaven legs

show what you can’t say out loud

Inhale, exhale

we all have scars